Alpina Wheels USA – The official Alpina distributor for North America.

All North American Alpina customers are encourage to deal directly with Alpina Wheels USA and not deal with other sources indicating they are authorized distributors or dealers for North America.  Official Alpina distributors are authorized by the manufacturer, Alpina Raggi S.p.A.  in Italy.

Alpina Wheels USA cannot and will not support Alpina wheels that are purchased via unauthorized channels. Some of these unauthorized channels may have agreements with Alpina Raggi S.p.A.  to sell Alpina products in their regions but they are NOT authorized to sell in North America.

Alpina Wheels USA will stand behind all sales through their company for all of North America.

If Alpina Wheels USA receives a sales request outside their North American region they will direct the prospective Alpina customer to their regional distributor or dealer. In the event there is no regional distributor or dealer for a specific prospective Alpina customer, Alpina Wheels USA will work directly with that customer to fulfill their request.